5 quick everyday exercises to relieve your stress

5 quick everyday exercises to relieve your stress

Relieve Stress Easily With These At Home Workouts

A sedentary lifestyle is like quicksand - you don't realize you are in trouble until it's too late. 

It takes great discipline to follow a well-devised exercise regime consistently. But the benefits of doing so easily outweigh any qualms you may have. From preventing cardiovascular diseases to improving your mood to developing your cognitive abilities to minimizing anxiety - at-home workouts are loaded with plus points.

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Why is it that an appraisal at work or an academic report card jolts you into action, but given countless opportunities to workout at home, you shy away from it? The lack of inclination to exercise is a problem you can tackle by striving for a balance between your physical and mental development.

A study conducted by APA revealed that 53% of people felt good about themselves after having done some workout, and 30% felt less stressed.

Why not test that theory and try some of the following full-body workouts?


Zumba, as a kind of aerobics, is a perfect workout for those who like dancing and using music as motivation. It involves performing reps of easy dance moves. This works best as a home exercise because it tones all the muscles of your body without the need for any equipment. 

You are likely to experience immediate results, in terms of mood improvement and lessening of stress, because of the dopamine (the happy hormone) released into the body.


You might wonder how doing some stretches can help with stress relief. But yoga has the power to transform your entire life. It requires discipline and faith in meditative energy.

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There is a yoga asana (posture) for whatever you are comfortable with, even if it means sitting on your couch for hours on end.  In addition to lowering stress, yoga also helps you connect with your self and become more self-assured.

 With sufficient practice, you will be doing your body, soul, and mind a whole lot of good by trying this home exercise


If you could burn those calf fats without having to step out of the house, wouldn't that be an exercise worth trying? 

For indoor cycling, you can set up cycling equipment using your own bicycle and a turbo trainer. Don your best sportswear and join a virtual cycling class. One intense workout session later, you'll be able to feel that stress melting away.  

An added benefit of indoor cycling is that it facilitates multitasking as well.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that can be very calming. Its slow movements allow you to focus on the present, while also giving your body the workout it needs.  

Naturally, this is not a heavy-duty exercise, but it has proven to help with longevity, self-defence, flexibility, strength training, and more. 

In order to learn Tai Chi from an experienced professional, you can consult one of  the many video resources available online.

Interval  Training

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Interval training revolves around performing high-intensity workouts while taking rest periods or doing low-intensity exercises in between. 

 It can help you in the long run by strengthening your cognitive abilities, developing endurance and reducing weight. Keep in mind that you should enhance interval training with the right dietary intake.


All of the above full -body workouts can be done from the comfort of your home with very little to no equipment. And the fact of the matter is that without a symbiosis between your body and mind, it can be impossible to lead a healthy life. So let yourself be rid of stress and anxiety by taking some time out for exercise