Choosing the Right Workout Clothes 

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes 

We often hear people preaching that everyone should “dress their part.” Then why not follow the same for working out? 
Clothes are not merely about playing the role and getting fancy, but it is also about support and functionality. The outfit that you choose while exercising could help you get “in the zone.”
Here are a few tips for choosing the right workout clothes that will give you a major confidence boost! 

Quality Over Price 

You may be tempted to get your hands on the cheaper leggings or shorts, but wait right there! When it comes to purchasing workout clothes, quality is everything!
A good place to start is by researching online about athleisure wear. You don’t necessarily have to settle for big brands, but do not skimp on the quality at any cost. 
Sure, you may find some excellent stuff on discount, and nobody is discouraging you from purchasing them. In fact, you can even wait until it is Sale Season to get a bang for your buck! However, always make sure that you are using high-quality sportswear. 

Material Matters 

Even though 100% cottonwear may appear comfortable, it fails to offer support. Moreover, damp cotton clothes could lead to overheating and heatstrokes! So if you wish to get the most from your workout sessions, it is advisable to opt for synthetic clothing material.
Infrared clothing is currently in rage, and for all the good reasons! These clothes are made from lightweight and breathable materials, which offers absolute comfort while exercising. At the same time, they offer compression, which gets your blood flowing and pumping oxygen throughout your body. Furthermore, they enhance your exercising capabilities by boosting your energy levels and preventing injuries.

Clothes Offering Flexibility 

Let’s be honest for a moment; how often have you been afraid to try out an exercise because you may hear an embarrassing ripping noise? You are not alone. 
Certain clothes restrict movement, and may even make it impossible for you to exercise! Consider the t-shirt that is too tight around your shoulders. Or think about those shorts that keep riding up your thighs. Clearly, they are not the best workout clothes for you. 
Choose your workout clothes depending on the nature of the exercise that you plan on doing. 

Get Choosy About Colors 

Do not undermine the effect of colors on your mood. 
Science has been exploring the role of color psychology in exercise performance. Research highlights that the color of your clothes determine the light spectrum that your body absorbs. Hence, your overall body temperature during a workout not only depends on your exercise routine but is also a factor of these colors. So if you sweat a lot, consider skipping the black workout clothes. 
Here is an interesting science-backed overview of the colors that you should wear for best performance: 

  • Red for Crossfit and Boxing as it increases your heart rate
  • Blue for Weightlifting as it appears lighter and boosts concentration and productivity
  • Green for Running and Jogging as it has a restorative effect on the mind
  • Neon for Cardio, HIIT, and dance as it is the perfect pick-me-up color to stimulate the brain
  • White, pastels, washed-out colors, and neutrals for relaxing activities like Yoga and Meditation

Fitting is Everything 

Poorly fitted clothes are an injury waiting to happen.
When you wear clothes that fit just right, you enjoy feasting your eyes on your great figure while also being comfortable. It offers excellent support, boosts your confidence, and of course, prevents any injuries. 
Typically, men should opt for tapered sweatpants, and women should consider leggings or capris. For the top wear, you can wear body-hugging t-shirts and tank tops. 

Snug Shoes 

Shoes set the foundation for the success of your exercise regimen. 
Pretty much like your gym wear, your shoes must also be a perfect fit for balance and stability. Pick something that is neither too tight nor too loose. Your feet must be comfortable.

At the same time, keep the functionality of the shoes in mind. For instance, running shoes may not be the best for weightlifting. 
Finally, your shoes won’t last you a lifetime. So, know when to discard old shoes and purchase a new pair! 

All in all, choosing the right clothes/attire for your workout sessions is of paramount importance if you want to achieve the desired results. 

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